Fascinating! Join to Cappadocia Balloon Tours

Fascinating! Join to Cappadocia Balloon Tours
2019 12 16

What are we watching in Cappadocia?


As the sun rises in Cappadocia, the shadow of the night is slowly pulled over the fairy chimneys. At this time, during your Cappadocia Balloon Tour, you breathe in the fresh air.

When you take your eyes from the beauty of the sun and look down, you see a natural wonder that started to form with the mobilization of multiple volcanoes surrounding Cappadocia 25 million years ago. At that time, Cappadocia was an inland sea. Volcanoes erupt, lava spreads, cool down, volcanoes erupt again. This cycle repeats itself over and over again. A long, very long process. Then a rainy period begins, which spreads over a long period of time. Wind and flood waters are creating Cappadocia we know  today from these lavas coming from the center of the world and ashes scattered around. A sea fluctuating in ancient times is now exhibiting itself like its  the largest sculpture museum in the world.

Nature has become a home for people in Cappadocia, which has a known established life history dating back 10 thousand years. Nature has become a home for people in Cappadocia, which has a known established life history dating back 10 thousand years.  Man carved the rock easily but lived safely. Cappadocia, which has old experiences in every step, has witnessed many civilizations from Hittite to Rome.  Every civilization that came to the region made underground cities, mansions, churches, caves.  In addition to its natural formations, you have the chance to watch an amazing mixed architecture during the Cappadocia Balloon Tour.

Fortunately, it is possible today to watch the natural wonders of volcanoes, winds, and streams from the blue sky, where millions of people attribute a million meaning, through the eyes of a free bird. The fact that Cappadocia, which is the most popular balloon flight area in the world, is located in Turkey, our beautiful country, as well as being able to fly for four seasons is another factor that makes us lucky.

Possibility to fly in four seasons


In 1783, the first step of humanity towards the sky comes to life in Cappadocia’s blue sky  today.

You can start collecting your bag if you want to watch the fairy chimneys that greet us from among the whites, sometimes the spring breeze with the harmony of yellow and red, and sometimes the green cover that has come to life among the rocks with the sunrise.

Are balloon tours safe?


Some of us are  looking for the answer to the question above,  due to fear of heights and  with anxiety about an experience that we are not accustomed to. Hanging in the air is a matter of courage.

Cappadocia is the region where the most intense hot air balloon flight is performed on earth. There are flights almost every day of the year. The flights that can’t be made are due to weather conditions. Every day takes place in the mood of a balloon festival. As such, security is at the highest level in Cappadocia Balloon Tours. Both flight and ground crews are top professionals. Balloon pilots have the title of Commercial Balloon Piloting affiliated to the General Directorate of Civil Aviation after a difficult training process.

There are systems first applied in Cappadocia in the world. Slot service, sorting of traffic flown by sight, tracking with the tower is among these systems. Questions such as which balloon is where, how the flight was carried out, whether the flight areas were neglected, are answered through these systems. In short, all precautions have been taken to completely eliminate very rare balloon accidents.

In Cappadocia Balloon Tours, you are covered by flight insurance valid during the flight.

The insurance amounts are considerably high.