Wellness & SPA in Cappadocia

Wellness & SPA in Cappadocia
2022 03 29

What is SPA?


The spa has meanings such as health from water, care from healing waters, beauty from water. It actually consists of the initials of the Latin word “Salus Per Aguam”. The healing power of water is used for health and beauty.

Care centers created for this purpose are also called SPA. In addition to the use of water in today’s SPA centers, professional massage techniques and treatments with natural oils are also practiced. These massage techniques and treatments applied in SPA centers can be preferred as desired.

SPA in History

Museum Hotel | Private massage service with valley view in Cappadocia

It can be said that SPA is a culture that it is known to date back to the Roman period.

In the Roman Empire, soldiers injured during the war were treated in huge bathrooms called SPAs. Again, there was a SPA center established in Belgium in the 14th century to heal the soldiers injured in the war.  SPA culture developed with the use of hot springs and sea water did not take long to spread to Europe.

What are the benefits of SPA?

A luxury hotel with a view of the valley in Cappadocia

SPA therapies, which are widely used in Turkey, benefit from the power of water and cure the problems of patients as well as offering beauty and health to everyone. It helps to combat the stress that we need a lot in today’s conditions, and it reduces anxiety. It provides cellulite treatment. It removes the skin problems by removing the dead skin in the body and makes the skin smooth.

We know that the disorders affecting the whole body, such as the brain, heart and legs, are directly related to the blood circulation rate. SPA therapy can make a significant contribution to the healing of many ailments by increasing the blood circulation rate. It is also recommended for weight problems with its contribution to the regular functioning of the digestive system. It can eliminate problems like sleep disturbance because it provides serious mental relaxation. It also has the feature to soften muscles and relieve joint ailments.

Why should I go to SPA?

SPA, Massage & Wellness in the Cave in Cappadocia

You should definitely go to a SPA center because; As soon as you enter the door of the SPA centers, you will start to relax with the relaxing effect of the music and atmosphere.

The natural scents in the environment are like the harbingers of health-filled moments waiting for you. You make your choice from the types of massage that will vary according to the SPA center you visit and remove all the stress of your life from your shoulders.

You will feel your blood circulation increase, and you will feel as if your body is thanking you for this gift. You have experienced a spiritual and physical rebirth.


SPA, Massage & Wellness in the Cave in Cappadocia

Cappadocia, which offers its visitors the opportunity to have a nice holiday with its variety of activities, also stands out with its high quality SPA centers. The hotels, which are built within the natural architecture of Cappadocia, offer their guests SPA service in rock carved caves.

Not all hotels have their own SPA center, but hotels with a SPA center open their doors to all guests coming to Cappadocia. You can spoil yourself a little more on your Cappadocia holiday, where you can find both cultural enrichment and fun-filled moments. Because you’re worth it.